If you wish to cancel your booking, there are specific times at which you can receive a full or partial refund.

If you cancel with 60 days or more before check-in, by paying a EUR 50 cancellation fee for administration costs, tenants can get a refund for

  • 100% of the reservation fee
  • 100% of the first rent payment

30 – 59 days before check-in, tenants can get a refund for

  • 100% of the reservation fee
  • 50% of the first rent payment

29 days or less before check-in

  • No refund of the reservation fee
  • No refund of the first rent payment


1. Within 24 hours of confirming a booking (if check-in is 29 days or less at the time of booking)

After you have completed a booking with an advertiser, you have up to 24 hours to change your mind. If you decide to cancel your booking during this time, no questions are asked! You’ll receive the first-month’s rent back in full, but please note that the one-time service fee is non-refundable.

We also introduced Covid-19 policies to protect you from uncertainties. READ MORE HERE


To request a cancellation, please follow this process:

  1. Go to Reservations
  2. Choose a Reservation you would like to cancel
  3. Tell us the reason of cancellation
  4. We might ask for additional information
  5. The outcome of your cancellation case will be sent to you via email